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This turquoise jewelry is a large sterling silver leaf design pendant. Reg. $139.99 Sale $89.99
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Buy Turquoise jewelry made in America, on Sale Now up to 50% OFF. We have a large selection for you to choose from, click this link - > Arizona Indian Jewelry  or click on any photo to be directed to our store for shopping. Turquoise jewelry is one of the most popular items associated with the American Southwest, where much of it originates, it is also popular in countries around the world. Turquoise jewelry is as popular today as it has been for many centuries. Turquoise when combined with sterling silver makes a striking combination, with the squash blossom design one of the most dramatic and the turquoise leaf design jewelry one of the most popular, Turquoise is often paired with coral for a beautifully unique effect. Turquoise has long been a stone associated with good luck and has been used in healing ceremonies in the Native American tradition as well as in other cultures. At Arizona Indian we have been selling Authentic Turquoise jewelry made in America since April 2000. Stop by and take a look around, we have hundreds of items to choose from.

Click on any photo or the redirect button for a full description on each piece of jewelry.  Shop Now and save 20% to 50% OFF. Use this link - > Arizona Indian  <- You will be directed to our secure online store if you choose to order.  We also accept Paypal.   
This Turquoise pendant has a beautiful green stone set in sterling silver with a leaf design.
Sale $64.99
This turquoise jewelry has turquoise and opal inlay set in sterling silver.
Sale $199.99
Copper with turquoise jewelry crafted in a leaf design, made in America.
Sale $44.99
Buy Turquoise Jewelry made in America
Copper and Turquoise Jewelry made in America. Reg  $89.99 
Sale $44.99
Turquoise Jewelry set in Sterling Silver Heart Design.
Sale $84.99
Arizona Indian Jewelry has been serving the online community since April 2000. Selling high quality jewelry and gifts for over 14 years, with nearly 8 Million visits. Customer satisfaction has and will always be our number One goal. Our customer comment/ratings are overwhelming Excellent.
Buy Turquoise Jewelry made in America, you help support American workers.
Turquoise jewelry pendant made in America with Turquoise oval stone. 
Reg. $69.99
Sale $48.99
Turquoise jewelry made in America with sterling silver and turquoise. 
Reg. $99.99
Sale $79.99
Turquoise and Coral Inlay Jewelry made in America, includes a sterling silver rope design chain. 
Reg. $89.99
Sale $59.99
This Turquoise jewelry with Opal inlay was made in America.
Reg. $69.99
Sale $48.99
Sterling Silver Buffalo Jewelry with Turquoise Nugget on lance with feathers. Reg.$249.99 
Sale $137.99
 This sterling silver buffalo with turquoise jewelry was made in America by a Navajo Indian artist.
Reg. $149.99
Sale $119.99
Turquoise Jewelry sterling silver wreath and bead design.
Reg. $34.99
Sale $24.99
This turquoise Naja jewelry was made in America by a Navajo Indian artist.
Reg. $169.99
Sale $118.99
Turquoise Jewelry Daisy Design made in America.
Reg. $19.99
Sale $16.19
This Turquoise Jewelry is a leaf & feather design pendant.
Reg. $94.99
Sale $74.99
Turquoise Jewelry Beaded Pendant.
Reg. $34.99
Sale $24.99
Click on any photo or link, you will be directed to Arizona Indian Jewelry where you may purchase fine quality Turquoise jewelry made in America. Arizona Indian Jewelry is a Yahoo store and uses only the most secure servers available online. 
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For thousands of years, Turquoise has been mined all around the globe, Africa, China, Iran and the USA. No matter where the turquoise is mined, when you make a purchase from our sites, you buy turquoise jewelry which has been made in America. Many Americans including the American Indian, revere turquoise for its balancing and healing energy. Turquoise is said to act as a unifying force between the Spirit of air and the Spirit of the earth. Turquoise is one of the main stones that the Dine' (Navajo) use in their jewelry work and in religious ceremonies, it is thought to promote healing and bring good luck.
If you have decided to purchase Turquoise jewelry made in America, we offer one of the finest selections on-line, with creative designs for men and women. The turquoise used in crafting our jewelry ranging in colors from green to many different shades of beautiful blues, with all jewelry made here in America. Once you have seen our extensive selection, we believe you will find what you are looking for. Click on any photo or link located below the photo for a full description of each item, you will be directed to our site where you may purchase your items on-line, using our secure online Yahoo servers. ​Please check back we will be adding products and links. 
  Click any photo for full description and pricing, you will be directed to our Store. Thank you.​
Turquoise inlay jewelry 
with Sterling Silver.
Reg. $34.99
Sale $26.99
turquoise with copper jewelry
Turquoise eagle jewelry made in America with gemstone inlay and sterling silver. Reg $149.99 Sale $89.99

Turquoise jewelry with opal inlay made in America by a Navajo Indian artist. Reg. 149.99 Sale $112.49
turfquoise and opal jewelry
Turquiose jewelry
Turquoise Jewelry Braid design pendant.
Reg. $49.99
Sale $34.99
turquoise jewelry
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